General information

The festival takes place in a listed building. We ask you to read the following festival information and to be prepared for it.


Due to the exceptional nature of the building, it is particularly important for all of us to abide by the safety rules. Escape routes are marked accordingly. In case of danger these are to be kept absolutely necessarily.

Smoking ban

Smoking is prohibited throughout the building. Smoking is only allowed on the smoking area in front of the building


Every festival visitor is liable for the damage caused by him in the building.

Medical care:

For medical emergencies, we have paramedics on site.


The bringing of animals of any kind is prohibited.

Handicap / wheelchair users:

Disabled persons whose disability requires an accompanying person (registered in the disability card) only need one entry ticket for themselves – but not for the escort person.

Drinks & Food:

It is forbidden to bring food and drinks to the venue. On site there is a corresponding food and beverage offer. Pregnant, diabetic and severely handicapped guests have the option of bringing up to 1 liter of non-alcoholic beverages upon presentation of a corresponding legally binding document.

Ticket counterfeiters:

Please do not buy festival tickets from street vendors, the tickets could be fake. People with such tickets will not be admitted to the event!

Sanitary facilities:

In the building there are enough toilets. These are available free of charge and are staffed by staff. Please pay attention to the cleanliness of the sanitary facilities for the benefit of all.


The cloakrooms are located in the 2nd floor and in the foyer. The price per piece of clothing is € 1.00

Photo / Movies:

The following camera types are allowed: Pocket cameras (digital + analog)!Not permitted are video cameras as well as all audio recorders and professional SLR cameras. The security staff reserves the right to control.
Sound and video recordings are strictly prohibited – abuse is prosecuted!

Child Safety:

The Civil Code (BGB) gives parents the duty to care for the well-being of their minor children (under 18 years). Especially for children under the age of 16, a music festival can cause a lot of physical and mental stress, so we can not make a general recommendation for a visit. The decision to take children to public music events (including travel and stay on the premises) is due to the personal right – in consideration of the Youth Protection Act – in the decision-making of the parents.

Children under the age of 16 are only allowed to participate in public music events as long as they are accompanied by their parents or in the company of a legal adult who has been assigned the personal custody rights in writing by the parents.Adolescents aged 16 and under 18 can also participate in public music events without being accompanied. The prerequisite is that you leave the event area by no later than midnight! The stay on the event site after midnight is only possible in the company of the parents or in the company of a legal adult who has been assigned the personal custody rights in writing by the parents.

The form for the written transfer of the personal custody right can be found here. The form must be completed in full and signed by the parents. In addition, the form must be carried by the personal guardian for the entire duration of the event and must be presented together with the identity card in case of queries from the organizer or security personnel. Teenagers over the age of 16 are also asked to carry their identity card in case of a check.

In addition to the rules for participation in the event, legal restrictions regarding the consumption of alcohol and tobacco products must be observed at all times. When carrying out appropriate checks, we reserve the right to expel smokers and / or alcoholized children and adolescents under the age of 18 from the event grounds.

Temporary leaving the event rooms:

Upon entering the event rooms, your festival ticket will be canceled by the police. When you leave the event rooms (eg for smoking) you get a stamp from the organizing staff and can re-enter the premises with it.



Kulturpark Deutzen
Arno-Bahndorf-Straße 12
04574 Neukieritzsch – OT Deutzen