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History Leipziger Stadtbad

The historic “Stadtbad” Leipzig – a bathing experience of a special kind

The Stadtbad was open in 1916 after a construction time of three years. In that time it was a real attraction with possibilities to rest and relax. Architect Otto Wilhelm Scharenberg made the plans and draws for this impressive three wings building with its monumentality and spaciousness near the main station at Eutritzscher Str. 21.

The wave system – a special feature in that time

In the old days men an women had to use seperate pools. The bigger one for men (32×12 meters) had a 3 meter springboard and a wave system with waves up to 1 meter.

More than „just“ bathing – soothing mud baths and massages for relaxation

The Stadtbad attracted with a lot of medial-therapeutic offers like tub- and sweat baths (1st and 2nd class), orthopedic gymnastics, galvanic and four-cell baths or inhalation. Framed by arcades you could relax in the relaxation rooms of the saunas. In the spacious changing rooms guests found enough space to dress and undress

A feeling like in a fairytale – the oriental ladies sauna invited to dream

The heart of the bathhouse was the Moorish-style ladies’ sauna, which is now a listed building. Magnificent columns and arches, filigree patterns with gold ornaments and decorative wall mosaics sprayed an oriental flair of the Arabian Nights. The ornamental tiled fountain in the center of the relaxation room suggested the love of the Moors for water features and fountains.


A Soon to Experience again? – The Unique Atmosphere In The Leipzig City Bath

Despite extensive reconstruction work in the 80s, letting the oriental ladies sauna shine in new splendor. In the recent years, the building fabric has become increasingly dilapidated. In July 2004, the bathing operation had to be stopped because of the poor structural condition. Since then, the future of the oldest indoor swimming pool in Leipzig has been more than uncertain.